Zone 5 Boundary Description

Beginning along the district boundary at approximately the intersection of 97th South and 1st West. North on 1st West to 73rd South. East on 73rd South to South Holmes. North on South Holmes and Holmes to 12th South. West on 12th South to South Blvd.North on South Blvd. to Northgate Mile. West and southwest on Northgate Mile and then Yellowstone Ave. to Broadway. Northwest on Broadway to the west channel of the Snake River. Southwesterly along the West bank of the Snake River and the main channel of the Snake River to the district boundary at 49th St. south. East on 49th St. Extended a short distance to the district boundary departing south. Southerly along the district boundary as it parallels the Snake River to the east to the Bonneville-Bingham county line. South along the county line a short distance to the district line departing east. East and then south along the district line to the Bonneville-Bingham county line East along county line and then the district line to the beginning.

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