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Winter school closures Winter

Idaho's winter weather sometimes causes schools to close or start late. In making the decision to close school, the superintendent considers a number of factors including current weather and road conditions, temperatures and forecasted weather and road conditions. Making the decision to close school is never easy, and parents always have the right to keep their children home if they don't believe it's safe for their child to go to school.

Teen Rebellion: Is This Normal? eirmc

Free Seminar for parents and teens!

Learn to distinguish between normal teen rebellion, warning signs that might require professional help, and danger signs of major mental health concerns. 

February 5, 2020
Eagle Rock Middle School, 2020 Pancheri Dr

For more information, visit Eirmc.com or ifschools.org

Blazing a Trail To Literacy blazing trail

D91 is proud once again to partner with the Idaho Falls Fire Department on the Blazing a Trail to Literacy Program, which promotes reading and literacy. Firefighters will be visiting our elementary schools this month, reading to students and encouraging them to take part in the Blazing A Trail to Literacy Reading Contest. The winner from each school will get to ride to school on a fire truck in March. D91 is PROUD of its readers!